About Words

Everything changes. When I began this blog, I thought that I would be uniting words with colors and offering a new way of understanding the importance of how we use language. I guess I felt at the time that I would never touch on political or social issues. As an African-American woman in a time of extraordinary change — it is not possible. My life is an arc of political and social experience. It’s what I was born to.

However, the basic concept of this blog has not changed. It will remain the same. And that is — Palm to palm with you, I’m going to live life by dancing with  words through stories; sometimes through comments; on occasion through reflection. Will you join me?  It’s a spiritual practice of sorts:  like prayer on a page.

There are so many words about life, philosophy, cooking and food, pain, joy, politics, analysis, parenting, writing, work, religion, birth and death. Words bring out the wrinkle in the hands, the wetness in a lover’s kiss, comfort in a family holiday,  the jealousy and misguided actions of haters.  Words have color. Words have vision. Words have power.

And while I adhere to my conviction to keep this a blog of stories, there may be, on occasion, a pointed comment or two. For those of you who are political junkies, I will link you to my favorite sites as I find them.

The magical power of language will never get old.  Every day we create significant worlds and consequences, pleasant and unpleasant, by our use of language.  We tell stories and people laugh, cry or contemplate their lives and the lives of those around them.  Folks are healed through language; language put to poetry, to music, to speeches, to theatre, and even to creative advertising.

Each one of us knows that how we use language matters.  We make choices.  A former manager of mine once said that after a traumatic event she had sworn to God to never have another unexpressed thought.

This is really not a good idea.

My reason for this blog is to tell stories, but when I think a little deeper, it’s  that I want to contribute to language and an expanding awareness of its use.  I’m no professor or academic scholar, but I know that the cacophony of fear that’s coming from the media and journalists, fundamentalist religious groups and their leaders — Christian or otherwise — pundits and sociologists is contributing to depression, hopelessness, and a lack of compassion.  Words have color.  Words have vision. Words have power.  I believe that what we say, for better or for worse, literally goes from our lips to God’s ears because the essence of God is within every heart.

God hears through the heart.

Thank you, Liz, for the header.  You rock!

3 responses to “About Words

  1. True, I agree definitely have to agree with this… It’s just too bad that not everyone knows what the power of it… A lot of fighting happens because of misunderstandings, of lack of communication… well, i hope one day everyone will realize the power of words….

  2. Yay! I have recently re-ignited a special relationship with words, and it has got me all lit up from the inside! Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. This is how I feel reading your post: happy and hopeful.

    Grace is when God’s ears hear the words that are oceans beneath my wavy words. She hears the calm, lucid words emerging from the depths. Words like, “Yes, I’m reaching for the light. I am worshiping in every moment. I am almost home, I can taste it.”

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